The Role of Firms in Energy Transformation

Radhika Perrot


This paper looks at the role of firms in the transformation of fossil fuel based energy systems towards cleaner and greener energy systems. Firms are playing an important role in determining the speed and direction of technical change towards such energy systems. But systemic constraints and negative externalities tend to make such transformations constraint and difficult. To be able to understand how firms overcome these systemic constraints and bring about positive externalities it would be important to observe the strategic role played by firms. Firms are removing technological and economic constraints by engaging in strategic alliances with other firms and research organizations. Both small and large firms have positioned themselves strategically in the green energy market either through basic innovations or through innovations brought about by joint technological partnerships.

JEL: A10, M21, 039

Keywords: Firm Strategy, Sustainable Energy, Renewable Energy, System Transition

UNU-MERIT Working Papers ISSN 1871-9872

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