School Leadership in the Context of Standards-Based Reform: International Perspectives

books by Louis Volante (Eds)

Publisher: Springer Press, Dordrecht, Netherlands
ISBN: 978-94-007-4094-5

This book examines how standards-based reforms in various countries have placed new expectations on school leaders. Faced with accountability requirements that are tied to student achievement scores, school administrators and other teacher leaders are being asked to demonstrate the effectiveness of their pedagogical approaches. This book discusses the challenges school leaders face within this heightened culture of student achievement. Authors from various countries discuss their national education, assessment, and accountability systems; the impact of standards-based reforms on school leadership; and provide critical insights for the development of school leaders. The latter part of the book focuses on ways to move forward with sustainable large-scale reform – particularly key issues that have been gleaned from the international perspectives represented. The final chapter discusses gaps in the research literature and the importance of more focused inquiries.