Multinationals and Emerging Economies: The Quest for Innovation and Sustainability (Innovation, Co-Operation and Development)

books by Geert Duysters, Ionara Costa & Wilfred Dolfsma (Eds)

Publisher: Edward Elgar, Cheltenham
ISBN: 978 1 84844 008 1

The global economy is changing rapidly and multinational corporations (MNCs) are at the forefront of this transformation. The book provides novel and profound analyses of how MNCs and emerging economies are related, and how this relationship affects the dynamics of the global economy. In particular, the authors deal with the nexus between multinationals, emerging economies and innovation from a variety of different perspectives. Innovation is regarded as a core driving force in the global economy but the authors show how it can impede as well as encourage sustainability. Multinationals and Emerging Economies brings together insights from business studies and economics, and combines concise theoretical discussion with empirical analyses of unique data. Researchers and graduate students in the fields of international business, international economics, international relations, innovation studies and strategy will find much of interest to them throughout the book. It will also be an invaluable tool for policy-makers in economics and commerce.