Malaysian Economy: Unfolding Growth and Social Change

books by Rajah Rasiah (Eds)

Publisher: Oxford University Press, Kuala Lumpur
ISBN: 9789834703646

This textbook is skillfuly designed to meet the increasing demand for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing courses in business, economics, accountancy and finance and many others, who needs to understand the developments in the Malaysian economy over the last 15 years. It comprises 11 solid chapters such as Macroeconomic Policies, Development of Agriculture, Industrial Policy and Industrialization, Affirmative Action and Ethnic Inequality and various others that address a broader theory and the historical underpinnings before critically anchoring the analysis. Readers can be assured of completing this book with a clear grasp on the Malaysia’s macroeconomic structure and a full understanding on the economic issues of concern to policymakers, academics and even industry experts.