The Why and How of Open Education - With lessons from the openSE and openED Projects

books by Andreas Meiszner (Eds)

Publisher: Collaborative Creativity Group, UNU-MERIT, Maastricht, NL

This introduction to Open Education (OE) gives practical guidance on the design and delivery of OE courses while wrestling with theoretical considerations of this new and emerging domain. Educators are the main targets, but it will also be relevant to policy makers, senior education managers and the learning industry as a whole. The book draws from three sources: first from well-established online learning ecosystems, including Open Source Software communities; second from existing Open Courses in traditional formal education and related design models such as the Meta-design framework (Fischer, 2007); and third from EU funded research and pilot projects: FLOSSCom (2006-2008), openSE (2009-2011) and openED (2009-2012).