Making Choices about Hydrogen: Transport Issues for Developing Countries

books by Lynn K. Mytelka & Grant Boyle (Eds)

Publisher: UNU Press and IDRC, Tokyo and Ottawa
ISBN: 978-9280811551

Towards the end of the millennium, rising fuel prices and pollution levels, drew attention to the need for more innovative solutions to the problems of energy security, fuel efficiency and high levels of greenhouse gases but policy support for a concerted move towards clean fuels and alternatives to the internal combustion engine (ICE) was neither strong nor sustained as changes in the 1990 California Air Resources Board Zero Emission vehicle targets illustrated. The uncertainties that policy changes across the industrialized world produced has led to the development of a wide array of fuel options, from CNG to bio-ethanol, bio-diesel and hydrogen and of vehicles – including those with flex-fuel engines, electric vehicles, hybrids of various sorts and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. This is raising new issues for developing countries in their role as both importers and producers of automobiles and auto parts. The papers in this volume include a selection of revised and updated papers first presented at the UNU-MERIT International Conference on Hydrogen Fuel Cells in November 2005, as well as a few invited papers.