Design and Evaluation of Innovation Policy (DEIP)

The 17,508 islands that belong to Indonesia are the largest in the world and in the past the export of raw materials made Indonesia depended on industrial countries. However, in the beginning of the nineties, half of all export came from the textile industry, food industry, electronics, car and furniture industries which concentrate on Java. Moreover, Indoensia has large resources in oil, gas, but also minerals such as tin, copper and nickel and variety of crops rubber, palm oil and cacao to name a few. In order to improve the added value of these primary commodities promoting collaboration amongst governmene, business and research as well education communities is encouraged. The country has just adopted national innovation system as the main platform for science and technology development.
This course will specifically focus on the role of science and technology policies in economic development and analyze their potential contributions to sustainable economic development in Indonesia.

Venue: Jakarta, Indonesia

Date: 14-16 March 2011