Design and Evaluation of Innovation Policy in a Developing Country Context (DEIP)

Several African countries including Senegal, have recently celebrated the 50th (half century) anniversary of their independence. This event was an opportunity for discussions on progress made in economic and social development, and the prospects for improved well-being. These debates are particularly strong in Senegal, a developing country for which poverty alleviation and economic growth are established as priorities. Since the early 1980s, the Senegalese government has introduced policies aimed at consolidating the country's macroeconomic environment and create conditions for harmonious and sustainable development. Currently, in a context of generalized crisis, Senegal adopted in particular the DSRP I and II (Documents stratégiques de réduction de la pauvreté, `Strategic Plan for Poverty Alleviation) and the SCA (Stratégie de croissance accélérée, `Accelerated Growth Strategy'), reinforced by targeted policies, particularly in the field of technological changes and innovations. Awareness of the importance of this area explains the creation by the government of national agencies responsible for promoting technological research and innovation. This training program seeks to contribute to capacity building in developing and assessing policy impacts innovation and technological development in the Senegalese context.

Venue: Dakar, Senegal

Date: 27 September-01 October 2010