Innovation and productivity of Dutch fi…rms:A panel data analysis-M. Vancauteren, P. Kort, B. Melenberg and J. Plasmans

Mark Vancauteren, University of Hasselt

This paper revisits, at the firm level, the innovation-productivity relationship based on the empirical research initiated by Crépon, Duguet and Mairesse (1998). We estimate a structural panel data model that disentangles the impact of R&D expenditure on (European and American) patents and the impact of patents on TFP growth. The effect of R&D on patents is computed using data on firms that do not necessarily report their R&D effort. Analyzing over 1800 Dutch firms for the 1997-2005 period, we find evidence of a positive impact in each case.
The persistence in innovation output is lower than the persistence of innovation input. The positive impact of innovation on productivity disappears if we use a weighted number of forward citations per patent rather than the count of forward citations per patent, but we then find a larger persistence of patent activities.

About the speaker
Mark Vancauteren is an assistant professor at Hasselt University.He is also affiliated with Statistics Netherlands. His empirical research focuss on International Trade (technical barriers to trade, gravity, off-shoring), Industrial Organization (R&D, patents, market structure, regulatory regimes), Economics of Technological Change and Productivity Growth.

Date: 10 June 2010

Time: 12:00 - 13:30  CET