Multinational Subsidiary Evolution: Corporate Change in New EU Member States

Sergey Filippov, UNU-MERIT

The doctoral research project is focusing on the complex socio-economic transformations induced by the innovation and new technologies in new EU member states, and the corresponding change of corporate strategies. The core subject of the research are subsidiaries of multinational companies, evolving over time under the dynamic interplay of various forces. The subsidiary evolution is understood as a multi-faceted process involving changes in functions, competences and roles.
Promoter is Prof. Dr. G.M.Duysters, and co-promoter is Prof. Dr. W.A.Dolfsma.

About the speaker
Mr. Sergey Filippov joined UNU-MERIT in September 2005. Prior to this, he obtained an MA degree in Management of the European Metropolitan Region from the Erasmus University Rotterdam (2002) and the Executive Masters degree in International and European Relations from the University of Amsterdam (2005). Sergey's academic interests are diverse and include project management, corporate innovation strategies, management of technology, European and national policies, and emerging multinational companies. He is the winner of the 2007 European International Business Academy Award for the Best Doctoral Proposal in International Business. Since September 2009, Sergey Filippov is Assistant Professor of Innovation Management at the Delft University of Technology.

Venue: Aula of Maastricht University, Minderbroedersberg 4-6, Maastricht

Date: 21 January 2010

Time: 12:00 - 13:00  CEST