Design and Evaluation of Innovation Policy in Developing Countries (DEIP)

Ethiopia is one of the poor countries in Africa striving to get out of poverty and achieve fast and sustainable economic growth. The Ethiopian government has introduced successive reforms and forged strategies to raise and consolidate the trajectory of growth since the early 90’s. In the context of agricultural development led industrialization (ADLI), Ethiopia has adopted an overall strategy of economic growth and development called PASDEP (Plan for Accelerated and Sustained Development to End Poverty), complemented with sectoral policies and strategies. In particular, industrial development is guided by an export-oriented strategy since 2003. In the past five years, the country has posted unprecedented economic growth of double digits. Albeit this achievement is remarkable, there are gaps to be filled. In spite of the country’s commitment to foster export-led industrialization, the Ethiopian economy is not integrated into the global market at the desired level. This global integration is constrained by a number of factors including dearth of entrepreneurial skills and low technological capacity. In recognition of this missing link, government is embracing increasing interest in innovation and technology development. This training program is inspired to contribute towards filling this gap by way of awareness creation and skill enhancements in the area of innovation policy and technological development in the Ethiopian context.

Application deadline is 21 January 2010

Venue: Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Date: 22-26 February 2010