Dialogues at the Interface: from North -South transfer to global exchange in development policy

Louk de la Rive Box, International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague

The technology transfer model in Science and Technology Studies is indicative for a type of development policy that was based on North-South transfers. This started in the late 1940's and was operative till the 1990's. The model was challenged quite early, yet remained operative in the form of development aid programmes. This presentation reviews one current of work which influenced the author's thinking, personified by Robert Chambers and the 'Farmer First' group and checks on some recent developments. Implications are drawn for international cooperation policies and reference is made to a new research programme at Sussex University: STEPS.

About the speaker
Louk Box is professor of international cooperation at the International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague.He worked on Experimenting Cultivators (especially in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica) and subsequently on Development and Cooperation Policies. He recently published, with Rutger Engelhard Science and Technology Policy for Development: Dialogues at the Interface. London (Anthem) 2006. (For Open Access link, including the Introductory Chapter see: http://knowledge.cta.int/en/content/view/full/3613 )

Venue: Conference Room, 4th floor, Keizer Karelplein 19

Date: 29 November 2007

Time: 16:00  CEST