UNU-MERIT Mini Conference/Debate in honour of Keith Pavitt

Time: 11.00 – 13.00

Venue: Keizer Karelplein 19, conference room

Giovanni Dosi, Luc Soete and Bart Verspagen will debate current issues in science, technology and innovation policy in Europe and world-wide at this UNU-MERIT mini-conference.

Keith Pavitt was Reginald M. Philips Professor of Science Policy at the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex, managing editor of Research Policy, and a leading science, technology and innovation researcher before his sudden death just before Christmas three years ago. Apart from his chair at SPRU, Keith Pavitt was also a member of the Scientific Board of MERIT and always closely in touch with the work of the institute (now UNU-MERIT).

It is to honour his many contributions to the field of science technology and policy studies, that at the start of UNU-MERIT a mini conference/debate is being organized. Giovanni Dosi (University of Pisa), Luc Soete, (UNU-MERIT director) and Bart Verspagen, (Technical University, Eindhoven) have all co-authored work with Keith Pavitt in the past. They will present three recent alternative studies on the role of science, technology and innovation in Europe, a topic which Keith Pavitt had addressed consistently in his work, and most explcitly in his last paper, presented at the Stockholm Nobel Symposium a couple of weeks before his death.

The Relationships between Science, Technologies and Their Industrial Exploitation - by Giovanni Dosi (pdf)

A Knowledge Economy Paradigm and its Consequences - by Luc Soete (pdf)

Changing Patterns of Usefulness of University Research: Opportunities and Dangers - by Keith Pavitt (pdf)

The different channels of university-industry knowledge transfer:
Empirical evidence from Biomedical Engineering
- by Bart Verspagen et al. (pdf)

Venue: UNU-MERIT, Maastricht

Date: 26 January 2006