The role of the information sector in India: a critical assessment

Debesh Chakraborty, Department of Economics, Jadavpen University, India

It is widely recognized that rapid changes in information technology (IT) are bringing about major structural changes in the economies of the world. India is no exception. Backed by various supportive government policies, the Indian IT industry witnessed an impressive growth in the 90s.The Indian IT software industry, in particular, established itself quite firmly in the global market.
Motivated by the growth trends of the Indian IT industry in the recent period and the export potential of the software industry in the future, we make an attempt in this paper to study the sources of the growth of the information sectors in India during 1989-90 to 1993-94 by using Input-output technique and carry out a simulation exercise to evaluate the software industry's capability to achieve the tenth plan target.

Date: 07 October-00 0000