Nexus'23: Career Fair for Impact

Multiple Speakers, CINOP, Digital Power, Aflatoun International, ECPDM, Amnesty International,


Nexus' 23 is a career fair organised by the UNU-MERIT Alumni Office (hosted in association with UNSA) to bring together organisations and candidates who are engaged in societally-minded work.

Join us at Nexus to engage with employers who support the furthering of the Sustainable Development Goals!


List of speakers and organisations:

1. Amandine Sabourin, Policy Officer, ECPDM

2. Aflatoun International

3. Willem Kleinedorst and Annerieke Willemze, CINOP Global

4. Maria van der Hoeven, Former Dutch Politician

5. Paul Helsloot, Director, Amnesty International

6. Marieke Schulte and Tsovik Gasparjan, Digital Power


See full programme for details.

Location: Various rooms, UNU-MERIT

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Venue: UNU-MERIT (Boschstraat 24, Maastricht)

Date: 21 April 2023

Time: 10:00 - 16:30  CEST