Mini-Conference: Rethinking Science in Latin America at the End of Times: Policies, Controversies, and Futures

UNESCO Chair on "ST&I Policies for Sustainable Development in Latin America" at UNU-MERIT is glad to announce that it is offering a financial award to the best 3 papers to be presented at the Mini-Conference 9: Rethinking Science in Latin America at the End of Times: Policies, Controversies, and Futures, part of a larger socio-economics conference taking place on 20-22 July 2023 in Rio de Janeiro.
Deadline for extended abstracts: 28 January 2023.


The world is rapidly moving to a new techno-economic paradigm where fossil fuels are being replaced by clean technologies, and digitalisation is erupting as a general-purpose technology in all kinds of industries. Radical innovations are typically introduced by countries in the Global North, while countries in the Global South just adopt them.

In this context, this panel seeks to shed light on the potential effects of the digital and green transitions for Latin-American countries, in a context of global uncertainties and conflicts, with many countries in the region endowed with natural resources. In this regard, this call for abstracts focuses on the potential economic impacts of the new techno-economic paradigm for Global South countries (ideally for LAC countries, but not exclusively). Areas of interest include (among others):

  • Natural resources decommoditisation in a dual transition context
  • The role of Global South countries in the energy transition
  • Adoption of digital and green technologies by firms in LAC.
  • Automation and artificial intelligence in Latin-American firms.


Call for abstracts

We invite all researchers interested in these topics to submit their abstract by 28 January 2023 to and and to by February 1, 2023. Each abstract should explain the topic addressed, its relevance and value added, and should include reference to the relevant literature, explanation of the methodology of analysis used, and of its usefulness for public policies. The abstract should contain between 1000 and a maximum of 1500 words. Full papers will need to be delivered by May 31, 2023.


The UNESCO Chair at the United Nations University UNU-MERIT is offering a prize to the best 3 papers selected by a Scientific Committee. The prize will consist of EUR 2500 to cover all conference-related expenses.

Download the call

Venue: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Date: 20 July-22 January 2023