The direction of technical change in AI and the trajectory effects of government funding

Prof. Andrea Mina , Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

In this edition of our Research Seminar, Prof. Andrea Mina joins us to discuss his research on the role that the government played in the development of artificial intelligence (AI).

By analyzing all AI patents filed at the US Patent and Trademark Office and measuring their influence on all possible follow-on innovations, Prof. Andrea Mina assesses the long-term cumulative impact of new knowledge.

The paper that Prof. Mina will present, provides descriptive and quasi-experimental evidence that patents funded by government grants, but above all those filed by federal agencies and state departments, profoundly influenced AI development. These effects were especially significant in the early phases and weakened over time as private incentives took over.

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About the speaker

Andrea Mina is Full Professor of Economics at the Institute of Economics and Pro-Rector for International Relations of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. Before his move to Sant'Anna as Associate Professor in October 2016, he was University Lecturer in Economics of Innovation at the Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS).

Professor Mina’s research focuses on the econonomics of science and innovation. It spans various themes ranging from the theory and empirical analysis of technical change, to evolutionary economics, networks and industrial dynamics, science and technology policy and the financing of innovation.


Venue: 0.18, UNU-MERIT, Boschstraat 24, 6211 AX Maastricht

Date: 18 April 2023

Time: 12:00 - 13:00  CEST