Lifelong Development Day: Why Should the Private Sector Care about Poverty & Inequality?

Prof Franziska Gassmann, Dr Zina Nimeh, Dr Mindel van de Laar & Cristina Mancigotti., UNU-MERIT

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The ‘Lifelong Development Day’ organised by Maastricht University is for everyone who realises that acquiring new knowledge and skills is essential to creating meaningful impact. With inspiring panel discussions and interactive break-out sessions, we offer you an entertaining and informal afternoon where you will learn more about what the university has to offer for professionals.

As UNU-MERIT, we host one of the breakout sessions titled “Why Should the Private Sector Care about Poverty & Inequality?”.The global pandemic has undone a lot of the progress made in reducing poverty globally. With increasing food and energy prices, more and more people find it difficult to make ends meet not only in the global South but also in Europe and the Netherlands. Moreover, the disparities in income and wealth are growing both within and between countries. Yet, poverty and the lack of prospects to move ahead are not just problems for those experiencing them, but they affect us all. We know that being poor impacts the quality of life of households, as they struggle to pay their bills and ensure the basic needs of their families are met. This has long-term consequences for the economic prosperity of a country and the social cohesion between citizens. However, are these developments also problematic for companies? Should the private sector care? What can it do? In this session, we will give you insights into the state of poverty and inequality in Europe and beyond and discuss what the costs of inaction are going to be. We will then spend time exploring the responsibilities of governments and the private sector in dealing with the situation and contributing to solutions.

We invite you to join us! Participants can select their three preferred sessions to participate in, so feel free to check out the other session choices on the event website Lifelong Development Day 2022 - UMIO Prime (

This Lifelong Development Day is combined with the UM Alumni Day: same day, same place! This means alumni from Maastricht University can opt to extend their programme to include both afternoon and evening activities when visiting the Tapijn campus.

Venue: Tapijnkazerne 11 6211 ME, Maastricht

Date: 09 September 2022

Time: 13:30 - 16:30  CET