May Event Series: Introduction of UNU-MERIT’s Capacity Office Development

The Capacity Development Office (CDO) of UNU-MERIT develops and delivers Capacity Development programmes for relevant stakeholders. As an institution included in both the academic and policy worlds, we are well equipped to train others in our areas of expertise with academic rigour and a policy focus. Our duty as a university and UN think tank is to educate beyond formal education: by training policymakers and practitioners, we help influence and impact how they design and implement their policies on the ground.

The CDO cooperates with UNU-MERIT’s Research Units to identify fields of focus in which programmes are needed, and our staff’s expertise is used to translate academic knowledge in programmes tailored for professionals. The CDO also works with external partners to design and deliver Capacity Development programmes that answer to a specific societal issue, in particular as they relate to the SDGs. Depending on the needs of the recipients of our programmes, the CDO can co-design programmes with partner institutions.

During the May events, UNU-MERIT’s Capacity Development Office will be introduced. Join the hybrid event to get to know the CDO’s programmes and projects, hear alumni testimonials and network through an interactive setting.



Please register for the this event, as part of the major series of activities marking fifteen years since the creation of UNU-MERIT:


Venue: UNU-MERIT | Belvedere and online

Date: 17 May 2022

Time: 13:30 - 14:45  CEST