May Event Series: Research Seminars

Reinhilde Veugelers and Stefan Dercon, KU Leuven and University of Oxford

The research seminars, held over two mornings, will discuss and assess UNU-MERIT’s institutional research agenda on Comprehensive Innovation for Sustainable Development (CI4SDD) with internal and external partners. We will draw on the analysis of external keynote speakers during the sessions to enrich the reflections on our research priorities across several break-out sessions. 

Research Symposium Sections

Monday 16th May
Structural change, inequality, and poverty

• 11-11.15: Presentation 1 - Valerio Giuffrida: “COVID-19, food prices and inequality”
• 11.15-11.30: Presentation 2 (Onder Nomaler: “Unemployment due to emerging automation technologies, and wage inequality in the context of skill-biased technical change.”
• 11.30-11.45: Presentation 3 - Tommaso Ciarli: “Inclusive structural change.”
• 11.45-12.30: Discussion by Franziska Gassmann

Franziska Gassmann will chair the section

Population, mobility, and migration
• 11-11.15: Presentation 1 - Elaine McGregor: “Migration and development in EU migration partnership: Research, policy, and politics.”
• 11.15-11.30: Presentation 2 - Cintia Granja and Fabiana Visentin: “International mobility: Individual and societal impact”
• 11.30-11.45: Presentation 3 - Klaus Zimmermann: “Economic preferences across
• 11.45-12.30: Discussion by Michaella Vanore

Michaella Vanore will chair the section

Tuesday 17th May
Environment Sustainability

• 9-9.15: Presentation 1 - Stephan Dietrich “More than a feeling: A global economic valuation of subjective well-being damages resulting from rising temperatures.”
• 9.15-9.30: Presentation 2 - Rasmus Lema: “Green Windows of Opportunity for Industrial Development in the Global South.”
• 9.30-9.45: Presentation 3 -Teresa Farinha: “Which kind of jobs do green economies
• 9.45-10.00: Presentation 4 - Serdar Turkeli: “What is next? Detecting the next knowledge niches among scientific research trajectories of New Economy visions and practices.”
• 10-10.45: Discussion by René Kemp

Rasmus Lena will chair the section

Institutions and development
• 9-9.15: Presentation 1 Lonneke Nillesen
• 9.15-9.30: Presentation 2 Nanditha Mathew: “Positioning firms along the capabilities ladder.”
• 9.30-9.45: Presentation 3 Pui Hang Wong: “Do all roads lead to Rome? A trajectory analysis on the paths of economic catch-up along global value chains
• 9.45-10.00: Presentation 4 Michal Natorski: “Resilience in EU crisis interventions in Ukraine: a complexity perspective.”
• 10-10.45: Discussion by Pierre Mohnen
Neil Foster-McGregor will chair the section


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About the speaker

Keynote speakers

Two leading researchers will explore frontier knowledge in UNU-MERIT's field of work, CI4SD, reflect on probable future developments and pose open questions on areas, as yet, largely unexplored. The keynote lectures will be provided by:

Reinhilde Veugelers   
Monday 16 May (09:15 - 10:45)
Prof Dr. Reinhilde Veugelers is a full professor at KULeuven (BE) at the Department of Management, Strategy and Innovation. She is a Senior Fellow at Bruegel and at the Peterson Institute (PIIE), a CEPR Research Fellow, a member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Sciences and of the Academia Europeana. She served on the ERC Scientific Council from 2012-2018. She is currently a member of the Board of Reviewing Editors of the journal Science.

With her research concentrated in the fields of industrial organisation, international economics and strategy, innovation and science, she has authored numerous well-cited publications in leading international journals.  Specific recent topics include novelty in technology development,  international technology transfers through MNEs, global innovation value chains, young innovative companies, innovation for climate change, industry science links and their impact on firms’ innovative productivity, evaluation of research & innovation policy,  explaining scientific productivity,  researchers’ international mobility,  and novel scientific research. 

Stefan Dercon       
Tuesday 17 May (11:00 - 12:30)
Stefan Dercon is a Professor of Economic Policy at the University of Oxford. He combines his academic career with work as a policy advisor, providing strategic economic and development advice, and promoting the use of evidence in decision-making. His research interests concern issues that keep some people and countries poor including the failures of markets, governments and politics - mainly in Africa - and how to achieve change. 

His latest book, ‘Gambling on Development: Why some countries win and others lose’ will be published in May 2022. It draws on his academic research, as well as his policy experience across three decades in 40-plus countries, exploring why some countries have managed to settle on elite bargains favouring growth and development, and others did not. Previously, ‘he co-authored ‘Dull Disasters? How Planning Ahead Will Make A Difference’, published in 2016, provides a blueprint for renewed application of science, improved decision making, better preparedness, and pre-arranged finance in the face of natural disasters.

Venue: UNU-MERIT | Belvedere and online

Date: 16-17 May 2022

Time: 09:00 - 12:30ย ย CET