Journal of Population Economics webinar: Highlighting contributions from issue 34(3)

Authors of Journal of Population Economics articles ,

The next Journal of Population Economics webinar will be held Thursday, 27 May from 16:00-18:00 CEST. This webinar highlights some of the research published in issue 34(3), which can be read online here. Attendance to the Zoom webinar is open via this link: . Feel free to join us for any of the sessions below!


Webinar JoPE Issue 3/2021: 27 May, 2021. 16:00-18:00 CEST (Maastricht/NL)

1. Welcoming remarks (16:00-16:15)

Michaella Vanore (Managing Editor), Klaus F. Zimmermann (Editor-in-Chief)

2. Lead paper (16:15-16:45)

Chair: Oded Galor

Mikhail Poyker et al.; The Safest Time to Fly: Pandemic Response in the Era of Fox News


3. Growth (16:45-17:00)

Chair: Oded Galor

-Pedersen, M., Riani, C. & Sharp, P. Malthus in preindustrial Northern Italy?


4. Health (17:00-17:30)

Chair: Alfonso Flores-Lagunes

- Hofmarcher, T. The effect of paid vacation on health: evidence from Sweden

- Artz, B., Green, C.P. & Heywood, J.S. Does performance pay increase alcohol and drug use?


5. Labour (17:30-18:00)

Chair: Madeline Zavodny

-Del Rey, E., Kyriacou, A. & Silva, J.I. Maternity leave and female labor force participation: evidence from 159 countries.

-Pet?, R., Reizer, B. Gender differences in the skill content of jobs.

Venue: Zoom:

Date: 27 May 2021

Time: 16:00 - 18:00  CEST