UN75 Dialogue

Various Speakers, UNU-MERIT

As we approach the 75th anniversary of the United Nations it has become apparent that we need to revisit important questions about the UN and change the way we act as a global community. One of the main criticisms of the organisation is that it is based on an outdated power structure that has perpetuated a global order from 1945 which is no longer valid or desirable. Imagining the world of tomorrow, the UN75 activities are forward-looking and we encourage attendees to think about what the world should look like in 25 years, the role of the UN in achieving our visions for 2045, and what needs to be done now to achieve the targets, goals, and visions we have set for our collective futures.

The UN75 Dialogues organised by the Chair of UN studies emphasise the role of young people, their dreams, criticisms, and visions for the future of the UN. For this event we will bring together academics, practitioners, school and university students, policymakers, and UN representatives who will discuss how we can improve the UN going forward. The dialogue is structured around questions and topics outlined in the UN75 toolkit provided by the UN Secretariat. While Goal 16 is the guiding theme for our dialogue, we will go beyond its targets to look at how the four interdependent yet separate issues and their impact on achieving the goal.

For each topic, an expert researcher and/or policymaker from our partner institutions will facilitate a group discussion. During the event, the students will be challenged to come up with creative and plausible ideas to improve the current international efforts around these issues. We will use the questions outlined by the UN75 toolkit as a starting point and each thematic subgroup lead will adapt these in order to make the discussion more concrete.


  • David den Dunnen - The Hague University of Applied Sciences
  • Leonie van der Stijl - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Prof Neil Foster-McGregor - Deputy Director, United Nations University - MERIT
  • Christine Tremblay - The Hague University of Applied Sciences
  • Prof Alanna O'Malley - Chair of UN Studies in Peace and Justice, Leiden University (Moderator)

About the speaker

The UN75 celebration in The Hague will take place in two parts. The first is an interactive dialogue between youth representatives, civil society actors, field workers, government representatives, and academic experts. The second will be a moderated discussion on United Nations Day (October 24th) at the Peace Palace.

The events are part of the UN75 Global Dialogue series in the Netherlands being organised by the Chair of UN Studies in Peace and Justice with the support of The Hague University of Applied Sciences, the United Nations University - MERIT, The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nederlandse Vereniging voor de Verenigde Naties, and United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe (UNRIC). The interactive dialogues will be structured around questions which arise from the UN75 toolbox provided by the UN Secretariat. It will also utilise the priorities from the UN Global Youth Strategy, in particular:

  1. How to amplify youth voices at the UN?
  2. Developing the role of youth in human rights - especially civic engagement at the city level.
  3. Young people as a catalyst for peace.

The UN75 Dialogues aim to inspire action, bring together actors working on similar issues, and increase the visibility and relevance of the UN. The plan is to provide a lasting and substantive contribution from The Hague UN community directly to the UN.

Venue: Zoom

Date: 25 September 2020

Time: 15:00 - 17:00  CEST