MIGNEX: Second Consortium Meeting

Various speakers, MIGNEX partners

The 2019 MIGNEX consortium meeting brings together researchers from nine institutions in Europe, Africa and Asia to discuss the research and design of this ambitious project. Discussion topics include a first-year summary and second-year preview, an overview of the 25 research areas, and in-depth sessions covering rules and tools, data collection, ethics and integrity. The communications and impact strategy also feature among several other workshops, which variously focus on coherence, components, patterns, policy and perspectives.


One of the largest-ever European-funded research projects on migration, MIGNEX is a five-year project which aims to create new knowledge on migration, development and policy. Through its research, MIGNEX seeks to contribute to more effective and coherent migration management through evidence-based understanding of the linkages between development and migration. 

Partner institutions:

MIGNEX is carried out by a consortium of nine partners: Peace Research Institute Oslo (coordinator), Danube University Krems, University of Ghana, Koç University, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Maastricht University, the Overseas Development Institute, the University of Oxford and Samuel Hall (subcontractor).

Date: 26-28 November 2019