Presentation on Capacity Development

Hub Gielissen, former trainer in Capacity Development in post-conflict areas.

Hub Gielissen will share his experience in Capacity Development for, among others, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and as a photographer in the field of humanitarian photography. 

In his presentation, he will look more closely into the following aspects:

-          “Organisational Life”: an overview of the landscape of an organisation to be reinforced;

-          “The MATRIX”: a tool for analysing needs and for planning interventions in a participatory way;

-          “The Flow”: a diagramme to visualise the shifting positions with regards to assistance in capacity development processes.

This framework will be illustrated with practical examples from experiences with various organisations in different countries.

About the speaker

Hub Gielissen

I am an expert practitioner and international expert in the field of Capacity Development (human resource development, training and organisational reinforcement). I hold a master’s degree in Education, specialised in Human Resource Training and Development (MEd, University of Sheffield, U.K. 2000, with distinction). During my career, I have worked in the field of international development for nearly 20 years (Georgia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kosovo, Ukraine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda, Mali, Chad, Ghana). Moreover, I have worked in the field of community development in the Netherlands as well. 
I was involved in various levels in the field of the reinforcement and rehabilitation of local structures organisations. The last years I was employed in (post-) conflict areas. I worked on the following levels: on ministerial level (design of training for capacity development both for decentralised governmental officials and elected representatives); with the UNDP, with local governmental and technical services and with international and local NGOs (focused on institutional reinforcement, training, advocacy, representation and participation); with local NGO umbrella organisations and with community based organisations (training and reinforcement of internal organisation). 
I have also acquired a broad experience as an international election observer both as a long-term and short-term observer. I participated in missions for OSCE and the Council of Europe in Kosovo, Ukraine and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Further, I was seconded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the European Union Monitoring Mission (EUM) in Georgia both as a regional deputy teamleader and field monitor for humanitarian affairs and human rights.


After my professional career I'm active as a photographer in the field of humanitarian photography and art photography. I was trained at the Photography Department of the Academy of Fine Arts, Hasselt, Belgium. In 2014 I completed the Advanced Degree in Photography and in 2017 the Specialization Degree.

Venue: UNU-MERIT, room 0.16

Date: 20 March 2018

Time: 16:00  CEST