Workshop training schoolteachers on refugee and migrant students' integration

Between January 22 and 26, UNU-MERIT will host a workshop for the Erasmus+ project HESTIA (Helping Students in Acceptance). This is a new type of endeavour for our institute, in which we work with schools across Europe to help the integration of immigrant children. Our partners include schools from 5 countries: the 6th Primary School of Egaleo, Greece, GO! Basisschool Schaarbeek Hendrik Conscience, in Brussels, Belgium, Istituto Comprensivo Statale "Gianni Rodari", Palagiano, Italy, Associação Jardim Escola João de Deus, Leiria Portugal, and Maristes Sants Les Corts Fundació Champagnat, Barcelona, Spain.

Over the course of two years (2017-2019), participating schools will implement a multitude of activities teaching pupils about migration and human rights. UNU-MERIT’s main contribution to the project is the upcoming workshop (January 22-26), during which teachers from participating schools will learn about integration of migrant and refugee students and share best practices with Dutch migrant education professionals.

In addition to presentations from Prof. Melissa Siegel and Veronika Fajth on migration and integration, participants will learn about the practical matters of migrant education involving local NGOs and experts; topics include anti-discrimination initiatives (Ayla Bonfiglio, Conflict and Education Learning Laboratory), the Dutch system of migrant student integration (Nancy Nicolson, LOWAN), prevention of bullying (Loek Schoenmakers, KIVA), and psychological issues faced by migrant and refugee children (Dr Martine Delfos). The participating schoolteachers will also visit local schools dealing with mixed classrooms to observe practices and share experiences with peers from OBS de Regenboog, ISK/EOA, and United World College Maastricht.

Venue: UNU-MERIT, Maastricht

Date: 22-26 January 2018