Procurement and corruption: re-calibrating the sights

Peter Trepte,

The purpose of the article will be to question the current approach to fighting corruption through procurement and to suggest that we need to rethink the whole process. There is no evidence to show that what is being done through procurement regulation is having any significant (or any) effect on the level of corruption and there is an equally good argument for saying that what we are doing is harming good procurement (and value for money). There are several reasons why the current toolbox does not or may not work. We need to recognise these shortcomings for what they are and stop repeating the current mistakes. Once we reach this point, we can re-orient the approaches and seek to develop better and more properly targeted tools. Whilst the research does not propose an answer to what might be more effective, the point is to demonstrate that what we are currently doing is not working and to recommend a re-think.

Venue: UNU-MERIT, Room 0.17

Date: 20 November 2017

Time: 15:30 - 16:30  CEST