Delegation visit from China’s ‘Institute of Scientific and Technological Information of Qingdao’ (ISTIQ)

A delegation from China’s ‘Institute of Scientific and Technological Information of Qingdao’ (ISTIQ) will visit UNU-MERIT on 25-26 September 2017. The two sides will exchange knowledge on innovation studies while exploring opportunities for joint work on innovation indicators and policy, as well as Scientometrics applications.

ISTIQ is the only public-welfare institute in Qingdao, China. It provides research and consultancy services to government agencies on scientific and technological information and development strategy. It focuses in particular on regional innovation systems; scientific and technological forecasting, industrial development, policies and regulations; intellectual property rights research; and technological and economic development strategies.

Delegation members are set to include: Mr. Shengfeng Yu, Director of ISTIQ; Ms. Jie Lan, Head of the Technological Forecast and Evaluation Department; Mr. Qiang Xiao, Head of the Science and Technology Information Department; and Ms. Na Li, Deputy Head of the Scientific Evaluation Department.

UNU-MERIT will be represented by Director Bart Verspagen, as well as various researchers and professors including Hugo Confraria, Hugo Hollanders, Ad Notten, Adam Szirmai, and Lili Wang.

A Memorandum of Understanding is set to be signed between UNU-MERIT and ISTIQ on 25 September 2017. (Image: Flickr / Trent Strohm)

Date: 25-26 September 2017