'UNU Jargon Buster': Valorisation Session

What happens when researchers from different backgrounds and disciplines work together for the first time? Do scholars and politicians use similar concepts in different ways? Do YOU know your PoCs from your POCs?

In our interconnected world, global discussions rely on a shared understanding of key concepts. To this end, the United Nations University (UNU) has developed a glossary app — the ‘UNU Jargon Buster’ — that clarifies hundreds of social, political and economic terms, as part of its mission to connect the UN, academia and the general public.

Over this valorisation lunch, Howard Hudson will share his experiences from creating, launching and growing the app -- which now includes terms from across the UNU network and major UN agencies like UN Women, UNIDO and the IMO. Please register HERE.

About the speaker

Howard Hudson is the Editor and Communications Coordinator at UNU-MERIT. He previously worked at Amnesty International Headquarters, Chatham House, the European Journalism Centre and the European Parliament. He has also been a guest lecturer at the European Institute for Public Administration.

Venue: UNU-MERIT, Rooms 1.23-1.24

Date: 25 November 2016

Time: 13:00 - 14:00ย ย CET