Let's get real! How do we walk the talk to make STI work for SDGs?

Prof. Shyama V. Ramani et al., UNU-MERIT

There is a growing recognition that Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) will be key to achieving the SDGs. But what are the main priorities? Should we ensure more visible investment in labs, software firms and technology parks? Or seek less visible funding of new approaches, platforms and pro-poor innovations? Speaking truth to power, this side event at the first ever STI Forum for the SDGs will be chaired by Prof. Shyama V. Ramani (UNU-MERIT, NL). She will also explain Why recognition of complexity within a systemic view matters. Other speakers will focus on food, medicine, water and sanitation in the context of the SDGs. They include: - Anilkumar Dave, T2i & INSME, Italy, on: The role of STI intermediaries and STI intensive SMEs as vehicles of economic growth, inclusive development and global partnership; - Prof. Carl Pray, Rutgers University, USA, on: The role of biotechnology and genetically modified plant varieties to combat hunger; - Valentin Post, WASTE, NL, on: The reconfiguration of existing technologies in innovative multi-stakeholder consortiums and delivery platforms to attain water and sanitation goals; and - Dr. Eduardo Urias, UNU-MERIT, NL, on: The meeting of STI systems, catching up in terms of industrial capabilities in pharmaceuticals and access to medicines.

Venue: Conference Room A in the UN Conference Building, NYC, USA

Date: 06 June 2017

Time: 18:15 - 19:30  CEST