WUN Community of Learning for African PhD fellows (COLA)

Mindel van de Laar, UNU-MERIT

Community of Learning for Africa (COLA) is an online learning network developed by UNU-MERIT / MGSoG (UM) with aim to offer support for PhD fellows in Africa to conduct research and write high quality academic papers. Among others, this support will be facilitated by offering content courses in the field of Governance, Public policy, Innovation, Technology and Economic Development. Those are the focal content expertise areas of UNU-MERIT / MGSoG. In addition, research feedback and options to discussion with other researchers will be offered. In the fall 2015, the first online course offering was piloted. In spring 2016, a second pilot funded by WUN was completed, testing the platform, courses and discussion provisions. In this conference, we will discuss the use of communities of learning, open education resources and online supervision for PhD students in general and the functioning and future steps for the CoLA platform specifically. This conference takes place as part of the 2016 WUN AGM & Conference at Maastricht University, The Netherlands.

Venue: SBE, Tongersestraat 53, Maastricht, the Netherlands

Date: 04 April 2016

Time: 08:30 - 18:00  CET