Migrant integration policies and student achievement across Europe: An analysis and synthesis of the literature

Louis Volante, Brock University

Migrant integration policies are particularly important given the increasing movement of peoples around the world. The fact that differences in integration persist across countries even after controlling for the individual characteristics of the migrant population (including origin country) suggests that a range of national, regional, and city-level characteristics can drive integration, including for school-aged children. This seminar discusses the relationship between migrant integration policies and student achievement across Europe. The synthesis and analysis of the research literature isolates integration policies that have positively affected the performance gap and also identifies the most salient policy reactions that have stemmed from international achievement testing.

About the speaker
Louis Volante is a Professor in the Faculty of Education at Brock University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He is currently a Visiting Professor at UNU-MERIT (United Nations University – Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology) and the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance, in the Netherlands. His research is focused on the global governance of education, international achievement studies, migrant integration and student achievement, education policy analysis, and education reform and innovation. Louis completed his PhD within the Department of Theory and Policy Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.

Venue: UNU-MERIT, Boschstraat 24, room 0.16

Date: 18 March 2016

Time: 12:00 - 13:30  CET