Heterogeneity in Chinese Enterprise Patent Behaviors and Optimal Standardization Policy

Dr. Mao Hao, Max-Plank institute for innovation and competition and The State Intellectual Property Office of China

Since 2013, Chinese government has been promoting the standardization of enterprise intellectual property activities. Yet there is remarkable heterogeneity in patent activities, which challenges the effectiveness and necessity of such policies. We need to further understand the characteristics of enterprise patent behaviors, how they are influenced by patent policies as well as how we can improve our policies. By utilizing a unique dataset from China Patent Survey, the paper constructs a detailed decomposition of Chinese enterprises patent behaviors and summarizes their characteristics. We investigated 17 types of enterprise patent behaviors in the whole market process, and put forward new findings about heterogeneity in corporate patent activities. We find that there is considerable heterogeneity among different patent behaviors and different types of enterprises. Industry patent density has overall insignificant effect on enterprises’ patent behaviors, but there are noticeable regional differences. Strategic patent application motives could significantly affect patent behaviors, while administrative motive has insignificant effect on the total number of patent behaviors but they do drive enterprises to have patent reserves. Total number of patents and patent structure both have significant effects, but comparing to R&D strength, total R&D input acts more apparent to patent activities. Furthermore, relationship between patent policies and enterprises’ specific patent behaviors is tested by analysis on central and small enterprises. This paper also shed light on future research methodology of enterprises’ optimal patent behaviors.

About the speaker
Dr. Mao Hao started his career at the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) of China. He became an associate research fellow in 2012. During his working experience, he participated in some policy researches, such as: the National IP Strategy, the Twelfth Five-Year IP Plan, etc. He is engaged in the field of nationwide survey, including “Chinese Patent Survey (2008-2014)”, “The Survey on IP Services in China(2012-2014)” and “The Survey on Intellectual Property Status of State-owned Enterprises”, etc. He also designed indexes to evaluate “provincial patent strength”, “provincial IP development status” and “implementation performance of national intellectual property strategy”. Dr. Mao Hao mainly focused on issues related to intellectual property and economic and social development. Up to now, he has published more than 10 academic papers in CSSCI magazines, more than 20 internal policy research papers as well as about 20 copies of government reports.

Venue: conference room

Date: 23 April 2015

Time: 12:30 - 13:30  CEST