International Conference: Future Perspectives on Innovation and Governance in Development

Since 1988, UNU-MERIT and its predecessors have addressed the topics of technological change, innovation and economic development. More recently, with the inclusion of the School of Governance, this perspective has widened to include both governance and institutions.

In 2014, it will be 25 years since the launch of UNU-INTECH, one of the predecessors of UNU-MERIT, 26 years since the establishment of the MERIT institute, and 9 years since the School of Governance first opened its doors.

To mark this quarter century of UNU in Maastricht, and to provide an outlook for the next 25 years, UNU-MERIT will organize an international conference, “Future perspectives on innovation and governance in development”, from 26-28 November 2014. The conference will feature a number of thematic parallel sessions and a plenary programme including speakers who have played a key role in the institute’s evolution.

Please send proposals for the parallel sessions by 30 April 2014 to:


Date: 26 November 2014