GPAC² Keynote speech: Immigration, Brain-Drain, and the Diaspora from LDCs

Prof. Tatiana Wah, Earth Institute, Columbia University

About the speaker
Tatiana Wah directs the Haiti Research and Policy Program at the Earth Institute, Columbia University. From 2009 to 2012, Dr. Wah was the MDG and Development Policy Advisor to the Government of Haiti. She teaches Development in Fragile States at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs in the Masters of Development Practice Program. Before joining the Earth Institute, she was a professor of urban policy and development at Milano Graduate School – The New School for Management and Urban Policy, where she thought undergraduate and graduate courses on Comparative Development and Urbanization; Globalization, Immigration and Transnationalism; and International Settlement Patterns. She specializes in regional and local development planning in small developing nations. Her academic, planning, and policy work cover diaspora and homeland development, organizational frameworks for development, value system structures and underdevelopment, integrated development and MDG-achievement planning, capacity building in fragile states, and social contract and vision planning. She has worked with the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation as the Privatization Program Administrator for the Government of Haiti. She has consulted for Caspian Associates on common national development vision planning for UAE and Caspian region states. Wah has published several journal articles and two books focusing on Haitian development issues: Haiti’s Development through Expatriate Reconnection: Conditions and Challenges and In Search of Consensus after 200 years: Haiti’s Social System Structure and Development Challenge. She received her undergraduate degree from Brown University in Organizational Behavior and Management, her masters in City and Regional Planning and doctorate in Planning and Public Policy from Rutgers University.

Date: 18 November 2013

Time: 09:30 - 10:30  CEST