Building the links between funding and quality in higher education: India’s challenge

Prof. Darleen Opfer, RAND Corporation, Pittsburgh.

In an effort to explore India’s possibilities in implementing policies that link funding to quality measures as a means of improving quality, RAND researchers reviewed India’s Five Year Plan (FYP) and the research literature on other countries’ reform efforts. This presentation summarises our findings and suggests seven policy actions the Indian national government and other stakeholders can take to improve higher education by linking funding to quality. Some of the suggested actions can be accomplished in the near term, and others will take more time. This discussion is relevant to reformers in other countries as well, since it reflects lessons learned by governments and institutions worldwide that face a growing demand from potential students, limited resources, and an urgent need to produce quality graduates.

About the speaker
V. Darleen Opfer is director of RAND Education and holds the Distinguished Chair in Education Policy at the RAND Corporation.Before joining RAND in April 2011, Opfer served on the faculty of education at the University of Cambridge, England, where she was director of research and senior lecturer in research methods and school improvement. Prior to her work in Cambridge, she served as director of the Ohio Collaborative, a policy research center at Ohio State University, where she was also an associate professor of research methods. Opfer was also an assistant professor at Georgia State University and research director for the Virginia Institute of Government at the University of Virginia. Opfer has conducted policy research studies for a number of governments, including on the recruitment and retention of school leaders for the Scottish government and on teacher professional development for the Training and Development Agency for Schools in England.Opfer holds a B.A. in education from Stetson University; and an M.Ed. in behavior disorders and a Ph.D. in education policy studies, both from the University of Virginia.

Venue: Conference Room

Date: 25 October 2013

Time: 12:30 - 13:30  CET