Human Trafficking in Turkey: Challenges of the Victim-Identification Process

Ms. Eleni Diker , International Organisation for Migration, Istanbul

There is a lack of consensus in scholarly literature regarding the number of human trafficking victims. One of the many reasons it is difficult to quantify the global scale of trafficking is the complex process of victim identification. This seminar reviews the existing challenges in the victim identification process in Turkey, drawing on in-depth interviews with local experts. Results suggest that the inability of responsible authorities to properly identify victims in a timely manner is correlated with both external and internal obstacles. The complex and diverse nature of crime, misclassification of trafficking in persons crime in the penal code, the psychological situation of victims, rotation of law enforcement authorities and their lack of expertise and skills, and the difficulties in distinguishing between smuggling and trafficking in practice are the major issues that prevent proper and timely identification of human trafficking victims.

Venue: Board Room

Date: 05 April 2013

Time: 12:30 - 13:30  CET