High-Tech activities in emerging countries: A network Perspective of the Argentinean Biotech Activity

Lilia Stubrin, UNU-MERIT

Achieving a sustained path towards development is one of the main challenges of the developing world. Developing countries are usually trapped in the production of low value added commodities which significantly affect their chances to create wealth and well-being. New technologies (such as ICT, biotechnology, nanotechnology and new materials), which are mostly developed and remarkably concentrated on the North, appear as windows of opportunities for developing countries to shift their product specializations towards higher value added content and more technologically demanding activities. The focus of this thesis is precisely to better understand how high tech activities can spring and develop in emerging countries.

Venue: Minderbroedersberg 4-6

Date: 28 February 2013

Time: 16:00 - 17:30  CET