"The emergence of knowledge intensive natural resource based sectors: implications for developing countries"

Fulvia Farinelli, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

Over time, numerous development theories have addressed the question of whether natural resources represent an impediment or an opportunity for economic growth. The debate stemming from such theories, however, appears increasingly outdated, as "primary" resources should not be associated necessarily with "primitive" modes of production anymore.  Many of them have become highly innovative and knowledge intensive, making entry conditions for developing countries even more difficult than in the past. The seminar will focus on the specific case of the wine export boom in Chile and Argentina, and will illustrate how, nevertheless, developing countries can exploit natural resources as strategic windows of opportunities and as a platform for economic growth

About the speaker
Fulvia Farinelli works at UNCTAD in the Division on Investment and Enterprise Development since 1998. Her academic background focuses on issues related to clusters, innovation and foreign investment. Her most relevant expertise in the field is linked to technical assistance projects for entrepreneurship development and the promotion of linkages between TNCs and local suppliers. She is also in charge of delivering training modules to policymakers in developing countries on SME development and entrepreneurship related issues.

Venue: Conference Room

Date: 01 March 2012

Time: 12:30 - 01:30  CET