Vibrant Europe Forum - Europe for People

European citizens seek the safety of their community, the nurturing of
their talents and the hope of betterment for themselves and their
children. The European Union should provide this by reinforcing the
powers, which determine the local circumstances, like the regional and
national Governments in interaction with the EU.

Europe has been a tremendous asset for its citizens. But Europe could be
so much more by listening better to the citizen and by bolder actions,
which the EU can, but individual countries cannot take to make Europe
more vibrant and dynamic.

Forum The Forum aims at creating building blocks for an implementable
vision for Europe most concretely for the period 2015-2020 with a
perspective towards 2050. These building blocks for a vision will
hopefully serve to provide the European Parliamentary elections of 2014
with alternatives: choices, which differ markedly from a continuation of
the present muddling through.

The challenge for the Vibrant Europe Forum is to translate this vision
into alternatives for implementation, including the implied dilemmas:
what should be done on the level of the EU as a reinforcement of
national and local efforts to make the vision a reality.

Venue: Vaeshartelt Castle, Weert 9, Maastricht

Date: 23-24 March 2012