Research Tutorials ESPP yr2-3-4

Luciana Cingolani, Ozge Bilgili, Hamton Wong, MGSOG/UNU-MERIT

The research tutorials are a valuable opportunity to keep ourselves updated with each others progress and provide helpful feedback to our colleagues.

About the speaker
Program: 14.30-15.05: Luciana Cingolani 15.05-15.15: Break 15.15-15.50: Ozge Bilgili: Simultaneity between integration processes and engagement in transnational activities: An Analysis based on Afghan, Burundian, Ethiopian and Moroccan Migrants in the Netherlands 15.50-16.00: Break 16.00-16.45: Hamton Wong: Are Anocracies More Likely to Experience Civil War?”

Venue: 2nd Floor KK (Above Conference Room)

Date: 11 September 2012

Time: 14:30 - 17:00  CET