Additional training opportunities

Seminar series
UNU-MERIT its School of Governance organise a range of activities designed to stimulate academic debate, disseminate research findings, and facilitate knowledge sharing among researchers and policymakers. The institute hosts regular workshops and training courses as part of its research and policy analysis programme. See the calendar for more details.

Joint PhD programme in Innovation, Economics and Governance for Development
The PhD courses offered to our full-time PhD fellows are also open to GPAC² participants, so long as they fulfill the prerequisites and are able to participate in all class activities as offered. We will not be able to adjust any course format to the needs of the GPAC2 students specifically, and participants are required to also complete the final examination. We provide updated course programmes at the start of the academic year. More information

Online course programme
GPAC2 students are invited to join online course suiting their interest and needs. Courses can be slotted based on convenience. Workload is added on top of program requirements and participants are expected to complete the course and final exam. Sign up using the online registration on the website, and add GPAC2 behind your name.

Research conferences and training activities
Several activities specifically linked to our programmes,  project work or targeted at a specific audience are open to the GPAC² training fellows. Some may befree of charge, some require fee payment – based on specificities of the event.. For an overview of activities, see the calendar. If interested in an activity, please reach out to the GPAC2 coordinators for more information on registration possibilities and conditions.