Minna Kanerva

Affiliated Researcher

Minna Kanerva (Finland) was a researcher at UNU-MERIT from 2006 to 2010, and rejoined UNU-MERIT from January 2014.  She also works at artec, Research Center for Sustainability Studies at the University of Bremen.  She has a Master's degree from Maastricht University on Governance and Cultures of Innovation.  Her topics of interest include sustainable consumption, climate change, social innovation, eco-innovation, nanotechnologies, politics of science and technology.  At MERIT she has worked on projects which include InnoGrips, INNO Metrics, European Innovation Scoreboard, KEI (Knowledge Economy Indicators) and the annual ASTP survey on knowledge transfer.

See also: http://www.uni-bremen.de/en/artec/mitglieder/minna-kanerva-ma.html

Selected publications by Minna Kanerva