Ad Notten

Information specialist / Researcher

Research group(s):
1. Economics of Knowledge and Innovation

Ad is a researcher and information specialist at UNU-MERIT. He obtained his Masters degree in Information Studies from the University of Wales. His research interests are mainly focused on the changing characteristics of knowledge transfer and the impact of these changes on the field of knowledge management. He is especially interested in the dynamics of social networks and the influence of these on the recombination and diffusion of knowledge.

Next to a number of EC Support Action Studies, he is currently also involved in the H2020 Research Project titled BIGPROD. The objective of BIGPROD is to extend existing econometric approaches to productivity, such as the Crepon-Duguet-Mairesse (CDM) model, with theoretically sound “Big data” metrics. BIGPROD wants to achieve this by trying to understand the origins of the productivity slowdown in most Western and Emerging economies. Based on this understanding, BIGPROD will extend the CDM model to better account for changes in the innovation process and utilize measures enabled by "Big data".

In addition to his research Ad is also responsible for the data & research information services at UNU-MERIT, and consortium coordinator for e-resources for UNU as a whole.

Previous and current projects include:


Selected publications by Ad Notten