Ad Notten

Information specialist / Researcher

Research group(s):
5. Innovation Systems Indicators and Policy
7. ICT-enabled Innovation and Societal Transformations

Ad obtained his Bachelors degree from the Hogeschool Zuyd and his Masters degree from the University of Wales. He is responsible for the functioning of the library and information services at UNU-MERIT, as well as supporting research staff with data and other research related services. Next to this he is also involved in research projects, with his current project involvement dealing with the evaluation and analysis of productivity and impact of European Commission sponsored ICT R&D during Framework Programme 7.

As a PhD Researcher at Maastricht University he is also involved in his own research into the changing characteristics of knowledge transfer and the impact of these changes on the field of Knowledge Management. He is especially interested in the influence of the dynamics of social networks on the recombination and diffusion of knowledge.

Previous projects include:


Selected publications by Ad Notten