Dr. Alexis Habiyaremye

Affiliated Researcher

Dr Alexis Habiyaremye is a Senior Research Specialist in the Economic Performance and Development (EPD) research unit of the Human Sciences Research Council. He holds a PhD in Economics and Policy Studies of Technical Change from the United Nations University/Maastricht University (UNU-MERIT). Before joining HSRC, he was an assistant professor of economics and political science at Antalya International University (Turkey). His research interests include the effects of Sino-African trade and investments on manufacturing productivity, African natural resources and East-West geostrategic rivalry, export diversification and technological learning. His published work on these topics include articles and book chapters on resource for infrastructure in the Sino-African trade, growth impact of infrastructure in sub-Saharan African countries, Turkey’s engagement with Africa, US Africom and Sino-African trade, etc.

Selected publications by Alexis Habiyaremye

Articles (journal, professional, popular)
Habiyaremye, Alexis, Glenda Kruss & Irma Booyens, 2019, Innovation for inclusive rural transformation: the role of the state, Innovation and Development, Online, More information
Habiyaremye, Alexis & I. Turok, 2019, Urban-rural collaboration part of the recipe for balanced development, The Daily Maverick, January 7, More information
Habiyaremye, Alexis, 2019, Knowledge exchange and innovation co-creation in living labs projects in South Africa, Innovation and Development, online, More information
Jacobs, P.T., Alexis Habiyaremye, B. Fakudze, K. Ramoroka & S. Jonas, 2019, Producing knowledge to raise rural living standards: how universities connect with resource-poor municipalities in South Africa, European Journal of Development Research, online, More information
Habiyaremye, Alexis, 2018, Enhancing productive capabilities through intra-regional trade and cross-border investments in Southern Africa, Development Southern Africa, More information
Habiyaremye, Alexis & Wladimir Raymond, 2017, How do foreign firms’ corruption practices affect innovation performance in host countries? : Industry-level evidence from transition economies, Innovation: Organization & Management, 20(1): 18-41, More information
Habiyaremye, Alexis, 2017, Estimating the impact of sericulture adoption on farmer income in Rwanda: an application of propensity score matching, Agrekon, 56(3): 296-311, More information
Avsar, Veysel, Alexis Habiyaremye & Umut Unal, 2016, Does Corruption Increase Antidumping Investigations?, International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues, 6(2), More information
Habiyaremye, Alexis, 2016, Is Sino-African trade exacerbating resource dependence in Africa?, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 37: 1-12, More information
Habiyaremye, Alexis & Tarik Oguzlu, 2014, Turkish Engagement with Africa: Making Sense of Turkey’s Approach in the Context of Growing East-West Rivalry, International Relations, 11(41): 65-85
Habiyaremye, Alexis, 2013, Angola-mode’ Trade Deals and the Awakening of African Lion Economies, African Development Review, African Development Bank, 25(4): 636-647, More information
Habiyaremye, Alexis, 2013, Imported Capital Goods and Manufacturing Productivity: Evidence from Botswana's Manufacturing Sector, South African Journal of Economics, Economic Society of South Africa, 81(4): 581-604
Habiyaremye, Alexis & Thomas Ziesemer, 2012, Export demand elasticities as determinants of growth: Estimates for Mauritius, Applied Economics, 44(9): 1143-1158
Habiyaremye, Alexis, 2012, Afrika'nın Doğal Kaynakları ve Sino-Amerikan Jeostrateji Rekabeti, Ortadoğu Analiz, 4(46)
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Habiyaremye, Alexis & Luc Soete, 2009, The Global Financial Crisis and Africa's "immiserizing wealth", African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development, 1(2&3): 181-196

Book chapters
Habiyaremye, Alexis, 2019, Rural innovation adoption pitfalls: The case of interrupted diffusion of sericulture among Rwandan farmers, in: Jacobs, P.(ed), Equitable rural socio economic change, HSRC Press, Cape Town
Habiyaremye, Alexis, 2019, Regional Integration and Knowledge Flows: Effect on Manufacturing Productivity in Southern Africa, in: Oloruntoba, S and M. Muchie (eds), Innovation, Regional Integration, and Development in Africa, Springer, Cham, More information
Habiyaremye, Alexis, 2018, Regional Integration and Knowledge Flows: Effect on Manufacturing Productivity in Southern Africa, in: Oloruntoba S., Muchie M. (eds), Innovation, Regional Integration, and Development in Africa. Advances in African Economic, Social and Political Development, Springer, Cham, More information
Habiyaremye, Alexis, 2013, African Resources for African Development Under Sino-American Geostrategic Rivalry, in: Muchie, M., P. Lukele-Olorunju and O. Akpor, The African Union Ten Years Later, The Africa Institute of South Arica, Pretoria, South Africa
Habiyaremye, Alexis & Luc Soete, 2011, The global financial crisis and Africa's "Immiserizing Wealth", in: C. Calhoun and G. Derluguian (eds), Aftermath. A New Global Economic Order?, New York University Press, New York

UNU-MERIT Working Papers
Korina, Leeja C & Alexis Habiyaremye, 2017, Indigenous knowledge for sustainable livelihoods: Lessons from ecological pest control and post-harvest techniques of Baduy (West Java) and Nguni (Southern Africa), UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2017-025
Habiyaremye, Alexis, 2017, Estimating the impact of sericulture adoption on farmer income in Rwanda , UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2017-024
Habiyaremye, Alexis, 2015, Is Sino-African trade exacerbating resource dependence in Africa?, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2015-046
Habiyaremye, Alexis & Wladimir Raymond, 2013, Transnational corruption and innovation in transition economies, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2013-050
Habiyaremye, Alexis & Thomas Ziesemer, 2008, Export Demand Elasticities as Determinants of Growth: Estimates for Mauritius, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2008-072
Habiyaremye, Alexis & Thomas Ziesemer, 2006, Absorptive Capacity and Export Diversification in Sub-Saharan African Countries, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2006-030

External working papers
Habiyaremye, Alexis, 2005, Dependence on Primary Commodities and Poverty Traps in Sub-Saharan Africa: Devising strategies and building capabilities for diversification, More information

Habiyaremye, Alexis, 2009, From primary commodity dependence to diversification and growth; Absorptive capacity and technological catch up in Botswana and Mauritius, PhD dissertation Maastricht University / United Nations University

Habiyaremye, Alexis & Luc Soete, 2010, The Global Financial Crisis and Africa's "Immiserizing Wealth", Research Brief, nr 1, United Nations University, More information