Dr. Tommaso Ciarli


Research group(s):
2. Structural Change and Economic Development
3. Economic Complexity and Innovation
1. Economics of Knowledge and Innovation

Tommaso Ciarli main research interests are in the area of technological change, institutional change, and economic development. He has lead and co-lead several funded projects on: modelling economic growth and structural change (EC, British Academy, ESRC); modelling sustainable transitions (Rebuilding Macroeconomics); mapping the relation between science, technology and innovation trajectories, sustainable development and societal challenges (UKRI/GCRF, DFID, ESRC and NSF); estimating the impact of innovation on employment and inequality (ESRC, JRF, GLA, EC); studying the relation between inclusive innovation and structural change (IDRC); estimating the impact of violent conflict on economic activity (ESRC, CEPR and DFID). 

Beyond revising papers on the above proejcts, Tommaso is currently working on several funded projects on: Steering Research and Innovation for the Global Goals, STRINGS (GCRF/ESRC); Assessment of Science, Technology and Innovation Metrics in Africa (FCDO); Pathways to Inclusive Labour Markets, PILLARS (EC); Study on factors impeding the productivity of research and the prospects for open science (EC); Strengthening the Capacity of Africa’s Science Granting Councils in the Use of Evidence in Policy and Decision Making (IDRC).

He has served as advisor for governments (e.g. BEIS) and international organisations (e.g. ECLAC, UNIDO, UNDP, IDB). 

He holds a PhD in Economics and Industrial Development from the University of Birmingham (UK) and the University of Ferrara (Italy), a Master in Development Economics (Sussex) and a degree in Quantitative Economics and Social Sciences (Bocconi). Before his PhD, Tommaso has worked for UNIDO and ECLAC. 


Selected publications by Tommaso Ciarli