Abdelraham Hussein

Abdelrahman Nagy is the Director of Learning and Strategy at Sawiris Foundation for Social Development. He oversees learning, evaluations, capacity building, research, policy, and innovation across all SFSD work. Abdelrahman is passionate about RCTs, evidence-based programs, and effective altruism. He believes that rigorous scientific evidence is the key to alleviating poverty with limited financial resources. 

Abdelrahman previously served as Senior Advisor for JPAL MENA, Director of the J-PAL initiative for Egypt, and J-PAL MENA Associate Director for Research. He established partnerships and disseminated evidence from J-PAL evaluations to support international and local organizations in enhancing their program designs. Additionally, he managed J-PAL research projects in Egypt, working closely with partners, policymakers, and affiliated professors to find new solutions to alleviate poverty. 

Abdelrahman has over a decade of experience in the monitoring and evaluation field, working with international organizations and Egyptian donors, including Save the Children, Aid to Artisans, and US-AID programs. He co-founded the Arab Foundation for Monitoring, Evaluation, and Quality, and El Haya Erada NGO for sustainable development. Abdelrahman holds several postgraduate diplomas in Economics, Public Policy, and Research Methods, as well as an MA in Quality and Statistical Control from Cairo University and an MA in International and Comparative Education from the American University in Cairo. He is currently a Economics Ph.D. researcher at UNU and Maastricht university. 

Abdelrahman is a socio-economic researcher and a principal investigator for several research projects, such as "What Do Jobseekers Want?" and "Measuring the Impact of Subsidizing Nurseries Fees on Female Labor Force Participation." He received a Community Leadership fellowship from the State Department, which allowed him to study leadership and translate research into public policies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).

Abdelrahman is committed to using scientific evidence to create positive change in society. He has a proven track record of promoting evidence-based programs and enhancing program designs. His expertise in research methods, monitoring, and evaluation has contributed significantly to the success of various projects. He is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in the development sector.