Job Zomerplaag MA, MSc

PhD fellow

Research group(s):
5. Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Sustainability Transitions

Job Zomerplaag is a PhD researcher and programme maker. He is affiliated with Studio Europa Maastricht (SEM), a centre of expertise for European affairs at Maastricht University, and with United Nations University-MERIT (UNU-MERIT). Job also teaches storytelling at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

His PhD research focuses on the governance of sustainability transitions, in particular the role that community-based initiatives and local anchor institutions play therein. Job's research is supervised by professors René Kemp (UNU-MERIT) and Mathieu Segers (SEM).

His approach is characterised by generating connections and oriented towards solutions, driven by a passion for engagement and communication. Job is committed to translating academic research into practical insights for businesses, NGOs, grassroots initiatives and governments. His work outside academia, therefore, directly contributes to his research.

Before starting his PhD, Job worked as a journalist and communications strategist. He has developed and run various public events and urban experiments. Job is regularly asked as an event host and moderator.

Job has an interdisciplinary background with an MSc in Public Policy specialising in governance of innovation (UNU-MERIT/ Maastricht University), MA in Urban Studies (4CITIES Erasmus Mundus with courses at universities in Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen and Madrid) and BSc in International Communication and Media (Erasmus University Rotterdam) with a minor in Urban Geography (Utrecht University). In 2021 he received the Kremers incentive prize for his thesis on empowerment in participatory processes.

Job is based in Maastricht, the region where he grew up. Job previously lived in Rotterdam, Utrecht, Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen and Madrid for study and work.