Jiawen Chen

PhD fellow

Research group(s):
1. Economics of Knowledge and Innovation
7. Social Protection

Chen Jiawen is a Ph.D. fellow at Maastricht Graduate School of Governance and UNU-MERIT since 2022.

Jiawen received her bachelor’s degree in Art and Design from Fudan University. Upon graduation, She started her first job in Fudan, supporting partnership building and external communication at the alumni association.

In her talks with alumni working in different fields, Jiawen started to shift her focus somewhat, which led her to consider studying international affairs.

In 2017, Jiawen received her master’s degree in international relations and diplomacy from Leiden University, where she specialized in political economy and civil conflict resolution. Next to her study, she supported research in different policy thinktanks, including Clingendael (Netherlands), Development Research Council (China) and Shanghai Institute for International Studies (China).

In shifting her field, Jiawen has found her genuine passion for broad policy research. Her background in art also serves her well in visualizing analyses in a perceptive graphical format.

Hoping to improve the state of the world - to make it a somewhat better place for the poor, as well as the rich, Jiawen currently serves as the Policy and Research Officer at UNDP (China). She has conducted research in areas including international development cooperation, green finance, universal basic income, poverty alleviation, inequality, inclusive low-carbon transition, among others.

With a keen interest in promoting practical solutions to real-world problems, this time, Jiawen's doctoral research will focus on understanding potential societal changes produced by the attention economy.

Selected publications by Jiawen Chen