Antonio Soares Martins Neto

PhD fellow

Research group(s):
1. Economics of Knowledge and Innovation
2. Structural Change and Economic Development
3. Economic Complexity and Innovation

Antonio Martins is a PhD Fellow at United Nations University (UNU-MERIT).  Prior to joining the PhD program, Antonio worked as a consultant at the World Bank and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. Previous experience also includes Associate Economic Affairs Officer at the United Nations and Associate Economist at the Federation of Industries of the State of Ceará. Antonio holds a Master’s degree from the University of São Paulo (Brazil) and a Bachelor’s degree from the Federal University of Ceará (Brazil). Research interest includes Private Sector Development, Labor Economy, and Innovation.

Selected publications by Antonio Soares Martins Neto

Articles (journal, professional, popular)
Soares Martins Neto, Antonio & Xavier Cirera, 2023, Do innovative firms pay higher wages? Micro-level evidence from Brazil, Research Policy, 52(1), DOI:, More information
Soares Martins Neto, Antonio, Xavier Cirera, Diego Comin, Marcio Cruz & Kyung Min Lee, 2023, Exporting and Technology Adoption in Brazil, World Trade Review, 22, DOI:, More information
Soares Martins Neto, Antonio, Nanditha Mathew, Pierre Mohnen & Tania Treibich, 2023, Is There Job Polarization in Developing Economies? A Review and Outlook, The World Bank Research Observer, DOI:, More information

UNU-MERIT Working Papers
Soares Martins Neto, Antonio, Renata Mayer Gukovas & Didier Fouarge, 2023, Forced displacement and occupational mobility: a skills-based approach, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2023-038
Soares Martins Neto, Antonio, Xavier Cirera & Alex Coad, 2022, Routine-biased technological change and employee outcomes after mass layoffs: Evidence from Brazil, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2022-014
Soares Martins Neto, Antonio, Nanditha Mathew, Pierre Mohnen & Tania Treibich, 2021, Is there job polarization in developing economies? A review and outlook, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2021-045

Soares Martins Neto, Antonio, 2024, Essays on Technology Adoption and the Labour Market, PhD dissertation Maastricht University