Trang Nguyen

PhD fellow

Research group(s):
3. Economic Complexity and Innovation
2. Structural Change and Economic Development

A PhD fellow in Innovation, Economics and Governance for Development at UNU-MERIT. Her research interest lies in the intersection of individual behavior, technology, and public policy. She is interested in social network by how it impacts the way individuals connect, spread information and make a decision. Currently, she wants to understand how social network affects diffusion of technology of women entrepreneurs in developing countries? Whether there is a gap between the impact of diffusion of technology as a female entrepreneur and as a male entrepreneur? She is also curious in how technology is shaping the future of work, specifically how automation is affecting global value chain and especially for developing countries.

She received her master degree in Public Affairs from Indiana University (US).  She loves playing badminton, learning stuffs, cooking, gardening, writing blogs, and traveling in her mind and all over places.